Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Das Pop: "Underground"

Two weeks ago, slightly damp from the Jelly Pool Party and unsuccessful in our bid to obtain a bootleg Lobster Roll, we stumbled into a friend's car and made our way to our local Bodega to snag some beers and snacks. As we drove through the streets of Brooklyn, we listened to a no-track-breaks mix one of us had made, and up popped this little pop gem from Das Pop.

Culled from the heart of Belgium, "Underground" was originally released as a single. The tune is awash with disco influenced strings, a killer beat (that you can certainly dance to), crunchy guitars, and a fiercely memorable vocal. More importantly, the record does exactly what a single must: implicitly demands that you listen to it over and over again.

Later, the song made its way onto the band's 2009 eponymous album, and we have to say: it fits perfectly. The rest of the record is equally poppy and delightful, loaded with hooks, melodies, and arrangements that all delve into the very best that pop music has to offer. In an age where the internet is always fixated on the latest and greatest, we're glad that we managed to avoid having Das Pop pass us by.