Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New EELS Record Drops Today, Streaming On MySpace

We've been getting pumped about the latest EELS disc, Tomorrow Morning, for quite some time. Well now the day has finally come - the album hits record stores today, just in time for the band to start a fall tour. But that's not all: the band isn't taking for granted that you'll buy into their latest musical endeavor, and so the disc is streaming at the band's myspace page.

Considering the number of records the band has dropped in the past year or two, we can see how you might roll your eyes at the prospect of another disc being available already. That being said, we have to say: give this one a listen. Not only is it the most "EELS-y" record from the band in a while.

At points the record latches onto the orchestral side of Daisies Of The Galaxy, while at others it yields the most sonic experimentation we've heard from the band since their first record. In all cases, it sounds like the most invested Mr. E has been in a record in a while, and we like it.