Thursday, August 26, 2010

The 22-20s Played The Rickshaw Stop: Pictures, Review

Last Thursday night we stopped in at Rickshaw Stop for another visit with The 22-20s, and we weren't disappointed. Much like the last time we caught up with them, the British band delivered an exquisite set of no bullshit rock and roll, and left the crowd thoroughly satisfied.

The set consisted of a mix of older and newer material, and the band seemed more comfortable with their newer stuff, perhaps due to the album having seen wide release since the last show. The band's on stage persona was completely enjoyable, and their onstage interplay, both instrumental and vocal, was a real treat.

The 22-20s manage the rare feat of sounding like 100 bands at once, but at the same time holding on soundly to their own sound. Their garage-y, melodic, guitar driven sound manages to land somewhere squarely between 60's and 90's Britain, somehow yielding the former's authenticity and the latter's modern appeal.

After a long absence, the band is unquestionably on the road back to success. Their new record is fantastic, their live show is magnetic, and they offer up an emotional take on rock music that's a true rarity these days. Currently in the midst of a US tour, we're going to advise you now: don't miss these guys.

The 22-20's play The Bowery Ballroom on September 7th

Photos By Rick Audet
Many more photos at the HAD Archive