Friday, April 16, 2010

New Blur Single Drops Tomorrow

Now, there are lots of reasons to head out to head out tomorrow and support Record Store Day tomorrow: the economy, the awesomeness of record stores, and all the ridiculously exclusive merch that comes along with the event. But this year, there's something far more monumental on tap for the annual event: The return of Blur.

By all accounts, the band has recorded their first single in seven year for an exclusive 7" that will be available exclusively through shops participating in Record Store Day, and even then in extremely limited (1000 total, according to the band's site) quantities. The 7" will be one-sided (!?!?!) and contain a track called "Fool's Day", which will feature all four members of Blur. Yes!

Obviously it'll make it's way on to the interwebs in no time, but we have say that swiping such an exclusive little piece of wax just might make our Saturday.