Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grand Lake's Blood Sea Dream Out On Hippies Are Dead Records, May 2010

So, you know how last night we dropped the ultra exciting news of HAD starting a record label? Well, it gets better. People don't start record labels for no reason, and in this case we had very, very, good reason: Grand Lake has signed on with HAD to release their first full length, and it's a doozy.

Blood Sea Dream is set to drop next month, and was produced and recorded by the band along with Maus Haus' Jason Kick. It's a fantastic record, filled with all the things that we love about Grand Lake: texture, melody, experimentation, and fantastic songwriting.

So, you ask, why do I have to wait until May? Well, you don't! Lucky for you, we've decided to stream the record in full over at the band's web site. What more, we're offering up a video (above) and mp3 (below) of "Louise (I Live In A Fantasy)" that we think you'll dig quite a bit.

In short, we're very excited about this record, and we're even more excited that it's the first release on Hippies Are Dead Records. Now, let the fun begin!


D said...

Yes!!! Fantastic song, fantastic band. Good call!