Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jason Falkner Dropping New Record, All Quiet On The Noise Floor, September 2nd

You may remember we recently mentioned that Jason Falkner's album I'm Okay, You're Okay would be seeing the light of day on US shores this month. Well, lo and behold, that's not all the news that's out there! It seems that Falkner will also be releasing a second record this fall, entitled All Quiet On The Noise Floor.

We can't give you the most detailed report, because everything's coming from Noise McCartney Records' largely Japanese site. That being said, we have been able to discern cover art (above), a release date (September 2nd), and a track list (below). We're trying to dig up more info, but in the meantime enjoy a track from the record, "Princessa", which we procured from unknown sources. Shh!

Jason Falkner
All Quiet on the Noise Floor Tracklist

1. Princessa
2. Emotion Machine

3. Counting Sheep

4. Evangeline

5. The Lie in me

6. Maybe the Universe

7. Jet Silver and the Dolls of Venus

8. My Home is not a House

9. Doin' me in

10. Y.E.S

11. This Time 09 version (Bonus track for Japan)

mp3: Jason Falkner - Princessa


troy said...

I'm sorry to be That Guy, but I'm not sure this is the version on the new album. It sounds like a version that's been kicking around for a while, and that was the fourth track in a set that was rumored to be his upcoming album four years ago. (Note that the file name includes an 04). On the new album, Princessa is listed first, and I suspect it will sound significantly different from this; there was a version of This Life of Mine on that 2005 mock bootleg (two versions, in fact), and it had evolved a great deal by the time I'm OK, You're OK came out. If I'm wrong, please post again next month, and I'll come back and apologize.