Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ambulance LTD Posts New Tracks To MySpace

We already mentioned how psyched we are for Ambulance LTD's upcoming shows next week, so needless to say that we were doubly excited that the band has posted three new exclusive tracks to their myspace profile.

There aren't any titles for the tracks, but there is a lot of awesomeness. We're more than a little happy to say that these tracks easily stand up in strength and quality to the band's released material, which bodes extremely well for their second full length, whenever it does drop. Meanwhile we'll have to cope with internet streaming goodness, and live show awesomeness. Not too bad!

Ambulance LTD are at Union Hall August 17th, and Mercury Lounge August 18th

Stream: Ambulance LTD New Tracks (@ myspace)