Monday, July 20, 2009

David Byrne: New Book, Coming To City Arts And Lectures In September

Amidst a well-heeled group of artists, authors, and thinkers, HAD fave David Byrne will be joining in on the goodness of City Arts and Lectures. The series, whose Fall 2009 lineup was just announced, is consistently one of the best sources of commentary and insight that San Francisco has to offer. Byrne will be joining the lecture series as the first participant, on September 29th.

Byrne will be joining in on the lectures as an advocate of bicycles, and in support of his new book The Bicycle Diaries, which drops in September was well. The book is a close to 300 page account of Byrne's travels on bicycles around the worls, and features a range of black and white photographs divided into chapters by city. As with all of Byrne's published works, we're guessing the presentation is pretty choice.

To anyone who has seen previous Byrne interviews or read his extensive online journal, it should be obvious that he's quite the man of diversified interests and great insight. While we're guessing there won't be any music, we're quite content with a good conversation. Don't miss it.

Tickets are already sold out. (!)