Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beatles Remaster Awesomeness Ramps Up

The Beatles' catalog has been long-lamented for its first generation digital technology. Specifically, the current CD's are the same ones made from masters way back in 1988, and no upgrade has been made in those 20+ years. While other seminal rock artists like Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones have gotten complete catalog remasters to much acclaim, the fab four have been left high and dry.

The only taste of remastering listeners have gotten was the 2006 mashup album Love, for which George Martin and his son had access to the master tapes. While the record sounded fantastic, it was certainly not canonical material, and many fans questioned the relevance of its mashup quality. What it did do, however, was offer insight into just how good the band's catalog could sound, given the right treatment.

Well, now that's about to all change. Word has come down the wire that the bands full catalog has undergone a remaster, and will be available on September 9th of this year. The remasters will be an all-out affair, covering the band's mono and stereo material, and offering up mini documentaries about the making of the records. What's more, the artwork is being redone with original quality scans, and a box set entitled Box Of Vision will be released featuring LP size artwork.

While we tend to be skeptical of certain remasters as money making tools, this is one remaster that will be worth your while. To hear these records with their full dynamic range in place is not only going to be audibly noticeable, but we're guessing emotional as well. Frankly, we can't wait. Meanwhile, you can head to the band's web site and check out a preview clip of the Revolver documentary. Yum.