Sunday, June 14, 2009

Videos Of Blur's Reunion Gig Surface

While we realize we're risking obsession by following one Blur post with another, but we frankly think this deserves special attention. An extremely diligent fan managed to tape some fantastic takes from of Blur's reunion gig, and was kind enough to post the show to his YouTube account.

The videos are of fantastic clarity, and offer a truly first person account of the gig from the front row. We've put a taste up above (with Graham grinning furiously) of the band nailing "Charmless Man". While we can't guarantee just how long they'll stay up for, we can tell you that it's worth heading over to user joejoehearn's account ASAP and checking out the rest of the footage.

Seriously guys, the US, please?

Video: Blur - First Reunion Gig