Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blur Played First Reunion Gig - Setlist

While, sadly, we weren't in attendance, we were still eagerly watching the newswires for mention of Blur's first comeback setlist. After a hint of a tweet last night by drummer Dave Rowntree, we were pretty sure something pretty good would be coming, and indeed it has.

Last night in Essex the band played a "friends and family" set that ran almost two hours, and should restore any doubts you have that the band is back in a very big way. NME was at the show, and has a great in depth review. Suffice it to say that the setlist spans the band's entire catalog (including Think Tank) and was loaded with a nice blend of singles and album tracks.

We're really hoping this reunion makes its way to the US. Guys, please?

'She’s So High'
'Girls And Boys'
'Tracy Jacks'
'There's No Other Way'
'Trimm Trabb'
'Coffee & TV'
'Country House'
'Charmless Man'
'Colin Zeal'
'Oily Water'
'Chemical World'
'Sunday Sunday'
'End Of A Century'
'To The End'
'This Is A Low'
'Song 2'
'Out Of Time'
'Battery In Your Leg'
'Essex Dogs'
'For Tomorrow'
'The Universal'