Monday, June 15, 2009

Little Joy Played The Independent - Pictures, Review

Short but sweet seem just the words to describe Little Joy's performance at the Independent on Wednesday night.  Although the sunny band was without Fabrizio Moretti (as he was off recording in New York), Rodrigo Amarante and Binki Shapiro, along with a few others, certainly delivered.  

Summery and bright are how this band is often described, and the description is certainly apt.   Amarante, also singer of band Los Hermanos, seemed to genuinely enjoy the SF crowd - his cheek -to- cheek grin was contagious to the crowd at the front - and his performance drew cheers and shouts from the very beginning.  

Amarante brought a bit of South American  charm into the set, when for the single song encore he delivered a song in Porteguese (We believe by Os Mutantes). Along with Shapiro, he effortlessly glided from one instrument to the other, all the while swigging a beer and looking like they were having a ball. 

With her sweetly disheveled hair and 60's california surfer girl look, Shapiro's smokey-tinged voice was both playful and delicate, and one can easily conjure up an image of her singing old standards and making them her own.  The ballad "Don't Watch Me Dancing" was easily a crowd favorite, with Amarante and the others joining in on backup.  

The set was short, as the band mostly played from their debut album; they did however perform a new song, completed only the previously day.  Still, without a doubt they proved that even Fab-less, Little Joy can deliver a night of killer, enjoyable music.

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