Monday, May 11, 2009

Graham Coxon Readies New Solo Release

Despite busying himself with the imminent Blur reunion, it appears that Graham Coxon has also managed to get himself in the studio with Stephen Street to record a new solo record. As huge fans of Coxon's previous solo records, we have to say we're more than a little psyched. What's more, Coxon being in the studio with Street seems to be a solid combination, as the two worked on Coxon's previous release Love Travels At Illegal Speeds, and more recently on Peter Doherty's Grace/Wastelands.

While we have to admit we're praying for a US release (shelling out $30 for Love Travels At Illegal Speeds as an import was downright painful), we'll be on board either way. The album is entitled The Spinning Top, and apparently is a song cycle that follows one man from birth to death. The full record is streaming at Coxon's myspace page, and we have to say that it's downright mellow. While Coxon's last record was a massive dose of punk and hardcore influences, The Spinning Top is awash in Nick Drake reminiscent riffs and smoothly delivered vocals.

The change of pace suits Coxon, and the record has an intimacy and warmth that was absent in his recent work. What's more, it has some experimental elements and musical branches that are some of the most interesting work we've ever heard from Coxon. Considering that the return to Blur will no doubt be a rock and roll affair, we're glad to have this record to put in our back pocket. It's the perfect record for the oncoming spring and summer, and a clear indicator that Coxon is as prolific ever. We're digging it quite a bit - head over and give a listen.

Stream: Graham Coxon - The Spinning Top