Monday, May 11, 2009

Grand Lake: New Singles Releases - Video

We've been digging on Grand Lake ever since we got our hands on Nevermint, and as such we've been wondering when we'd see new material from the band. Well, our wait and wondering is now officially over. We caught up with the band at a recent gig at the Knockout, and managed to snag a couple of vids of some of the band's new material. Specifically, the tunes "Why Do You Lie To Me", "Sandusky Sunset", and "Carapoforo".

The first two tracks are destined for the first of a new series of singles the band is releasing over the coming months. This first one (the band tells us) will be dubbed a "Cassingle", and will be released physically as a cassette, with an accompanying digital download. The two tracks build well on the foundation laid by Nevermint, and while "Sandusky Sunset" would seem comfortable among Nevermint's track list, "Why Do You Lie To Me" takes on a significantly more experimental and original vision.

To our ears, that vision is fully realized in the third track here, "Carapoforo". Targetted for the second single release (tentatively on 7-inch), the track features killer vocals and edgy guitar over a gently loping bassline. We were totally entranced live, and we have to say that we were surprised to see that the video does the tune some real justice. If this is the direction the band is headed, we're definitely on board for the long haul. Click the vids above to listen for yourself.


Hanan said...

dude that was awesome
thanks so much for these videos. I would have been there had I been born a year earlier.