Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vampire Weekend Play New Track On Jimmy Fallon: "White Sky"

We haven't heard from Vampire Weekend in a while, so we were psyched to see that they stopped in over at Jimmy Fallon's show to drop a new track on the unsuspecting masses. Frontman Ezra Koenig was all dolled up in red fleece, and conspicuously without guitar. Meanwhile, the band enlisted a string section for what seems to be becoming a standard addition to their live televnision appearances.

As for the song, well, we'd say that it's pretty par-for-the-course VW: Koenig breaks out some of the falsetto vocals, and the pseudo-African rhythms are in full effect. That being said, the song seems to lack something in the rock department, being far more of a lilting stroll through Koenig's melodic turns of fancy. Granted, it's easy on the ears, but we're hoping the band will dig up something a bit more edgy when their second record comes to fruition. Check out the video above.


Hanan said...

in all fairness, not much of their songs on the debut album were very "rock"ish, except for maybe A-Punk. their goal from the beginning was to play classical music with rock instruments, which is a refreshing perspective.

man, I love them so much.

hippiesaredead said...

Maybe rock was the wrong word - this track is still way more downbeat and abstract than anything on the first record.

Just sayin'.

Hanan said...

I will agree with that contention, as it is accurate.

it's still rad though. Vampire Weekend are one of those bands that I trust completely to make good music. it's in their blood.

which reminds me, I need to get another tattoo, "it's in the sun sun having fun it's in my blood I just can't help it" on my forearm...but I am so broke it's not even funny

Benjo said...

You neglected to mention the best part of the performance: Jeff Curtin (front man of recap-rock band Previously on Lost, obvi) on bongos. This is a new level for Vampire Weekend, getting the opportunity to share a stage with someone of Curtin's stature.