Friday, March 20, 2009

Grand Lake Album Release Imminent, New Video Released

We mentioned a while back that Grand Lake is ramping up to a busy release week for their EP Nevermint. Well, next week the event will be upon us with three nights (3/26 - 3/28) of consecutive gigs at Amoeba, Lobot, and the Hemlock. It's a veritable Bay Area tour! We're really digging the EP, and it's having some definite staying power on our playlist. That being said, we're always psyched for new content.

We were glad to see that the band has shot another video for the record, this time for the lead off track "Concrete Blonde On Blonde". The video is something of a day-trip through the hills and highways of Oakland, and uses a combination of stop motion photography and tilt shift technique. Put differently: it's just a really cool video. Check it out (above) right now, and get yourself psyched up for next week!

mp3: Grand Lake - Concrete Blonde On Blonde (YouSendIt, click through)