Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Jeff Tweedy Interview In GQ

Photo from the HAD Archive

Wilco has gotten very big over the past few years - and we might be inclined to assume that Jeff Tweedy's popping up in GQ is an indicator of that. But there's a catch: see, we remember way back in 1999 when GQ featured Summerteeth as their record of the month. So, suffice it to say, the magazine may have some street cred and legitimate love for the band.

That level of interest is pretty apparent in a new interview that surfaced yesterday. In it, the author asks Tweedy some pretty insightful questions, and gets a decent amount of information on the Seven Worlds Collide project ("a lot of cross pollination"), the upcoming Wilco album ("precise wilderness"), and the Ashes Of American Flags DVD ("the ways this band does and doesn’t fit into certain landscapes"). In a year that is looking to be pretty Wilco-heavy come summertime, we're psyched to get the ball rolling. Head over to GQ and check it out now.


Hanan said...

wow, Wilco and GQ in one go, that is too much awesome for my brain to handle