Friday, March 20, 2009

Oasis Drop "Falling Down" EP, Remix 12", and Free Live Collection

We're not usually much for EPs that cram themselves full of unneeded remixes and then try to bill themselves as being full of "new" material. That being said, we somehow find ourselves more than willing to accommodate the new Oasis EP and 12" for "Falling Down".

For one, you get the demo version of the title track, and for another you get the unreleased B-Side "Those Swollen Hand Blues". Typically, that alone would be enough to convince us of the purchase. Oasis demos and b-sides are, frankly, as good as their full records. However, the releases also contain a number of remixes, about one of which Noel Gallagher has indicated "All superlatives will apply". Frankly, that's enough to get us to listen.

Apparently not wanting to come off too strong as trying to make a buck, the band is also dropping some tasty free content as well. They've released a video for "Falling Down" (above), and released a free live album in the UK, featuring a whole bunch of live Noel solo tracks. We're a bit partial to Noel's vocals, so this one is must have for us as well.

If you're curious about the new B-Side, you can check out the link below. Stereogum name checked the Beatles on first listen, but we're a bit more inclined to reference solo Lennon. Sure, Oasis Beatles' love is always out there on their collective sleeves, but this track just seems a bit more stripped down in a way that reminds us far more of Plastic Ono Band. Give a listen, let us know what you think.

mp3: Oasis - Those Swollen Hand Blues (zShare, click through)