Friday, February 27, 2009

Noise Pop 2009: Scissors For Lefty Played Benders - Pictures, Review

Last night at Bender's we managed to catch Scissors For Lefty playing to a packed room during the first Noise Pop show of the night. The band delivered an awesome set of their trademark partified, danceable pop, and the crowd was right there with them. By the end of the set the band (and the crowd) was dancing, sweaty, and happy.

The show was pure, classic SFL: lead singer Bryan Garza delivered an epic performance, sometimes on guitar sometimes not, with in between trips to every corner of the stage. His vocal performance continues to be a highlight of the show, dripping with charisma and begging to be watched. Meanwhile, the rest of the band delivered a solid instrumental performance combined with their always-strong backing vocals.

The band pulled upon material from their whole catalog, but the focus was certainly more focused on Underhanded Romance and last year's Consumption Junction EP. Talking with Garza before the show, we were psyched to learn that the band is actively working on new material, and has 20-plus tracks in the bag for a forthcoming record. While this may be the last SFL live show for a while, we were psyched to see them going strong - we'll be keeping an eye out for that new record.

Many more pictures in the HAD Archive


Hanan said...

they played a free show at Berkeley a while back, it was rad.