Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Secret Show" Tonight: Big Round, Grand Lake, Man/Miracle, Cryptacize

We can't really tell you many specifics of how, but suffice it to say that when we got wind of this show, we were more than a little excited to hear of such a massive Oak-town love fest. Granted, with Noise Pop in effect, there's a fair dose going on in the city, so you may find yourself otherwise occupied. That being said, if you do find yourself in the East Bay tonight, or if the other available acts just aren't suiting your fancy, then this might be just your ticket.

Tonight at 42nd and Market in Oakland there will be something of "secret" gig featuring Big Round, Grand Lake, Man/Miracle, and Cryptacize. The four Oakland bands will be collaborating for free house party gig tonight starting around eight. We have to say, given that we've been digging us some Grand Lake lately, we're psyched to see them getting out and about. That being said, let us reiterate that this is a house party - we make no guarantees and offer no warranties on your experience. You have been warned.