Friday, February 27, 2009

Grand Lake Played Oakland - Pictures, Review

Last night we headed to Oakland to check out our first opportunity to see Grand Lake play live at a house in Oakland. The show was full to the brim, and pretty much diametrically opposite to your typical organized club gig. That being said, we were psyched to get out and see the band, and it was really nice to hear the material from Nevermint in a live setting.

The songs in general were rocking a bit harder than on the album, and in particular Caleb Nichols' bass took on much more of a prominent (and distorted) role. Also notable was that the record's catchier tunes ("She's A Hater", "Concrete Blonde On Blonde") took on an even catchier tone in a live setting. This is without a doubt a band that benefits from the live environment, and works well with it to deliver a completely different facet of their musicality.

At the end of the evening, the too-quickly-passing show got us all that more psyched for the band's upcoming shows leading up to the release of Nevermint. With shows at Amoeba, The Hemock, and The Uptown you'll have ample opportunity to catch the band in a live setting - we strongly recommend you do.

More pictures at the HAD Archive


Hanan said...

is that glitter or sweat on Caleb's arm in the second photo? either way, it's fab

nice review.