Friday, February 13, 2009

Kings Of Leon Arena Awesomeness Now Includes The Walkmen

The Kings Of Leon tour we mentioned earlier in the week has incentivized your attendance even further: the band has added The Walkmen to the bill for the US length of the tour. Now, for us this news comes as total and complete awesomeness: two of our favorite live bands, playing together, in one spot. That being said, the crowds at their shows tend to be a little...disparate?

We're curious to see how the Kings' slightly more mainstream fan base will react to The Walkmen, and similarly whether The Walkmen's fans will stick around for the main event. If we can make a recommendation, people: these bands are two of the best live acts out there right now. If you can manage to check your preconceptions at the door, we're pretty sure this could wind up being one of the best rock shows of 2009.

In other Walkmen related news, they've just completed the video for "Four Provinces" - you can check it out above. Stop motion 4evah!

Thanks to Music Induced Euphoria for the tip!