Friday, February 13, 2009

Grand Lake Ramp Up To Record Release With New Video, Live Dates

You may remember that a while back we mentioned that we were digging on the tunes of former Port O'Brien member Caleb Nichols' new outfit Grand Lake. Well, since then the band has been hard at work on a new record, and they've finally reached their goal. Nevermint hits the streets on April 21st, with a digital release a month earlier on March 24th.

In anticipation of the album's release, the band has put together a string of live appearances the week of the digital-drop. It starts with a show at Amoeba on March 26th, followed by a CD release at Lobot Gallery on the 27th, and finally a date at Hemlock tavern on the 28th. What's more, the band has put together a beautifully retro-fied Super 8 video for the song "Nevermint", and released one of the album's other tracks ("She's A Hater") as a further taste of the record. You can view the video above, and download the mp3 below.

What can we say? All of it is very, very, tasty.

mp3: Grand Lake - She's A Hater


Hanan said...

ah! they must have just posted the amoeba show. I am so there.