Friday, February 13, 2009

Enjoy Some Bowie Mashups, Courtesy Of Bootie

We're sure that many of our readers are familiar with the San Francisco mash-up party Bootie - the party takes the (still?) popular practice of mashups, and throws them into a live environ with DJ's up to the task. For what its worth, despite mashups' reduction in relevance, Bootie still seems to be going strong.

That being what it is, we were interested to discover that Bootie has sponsored a mashup project surrounding the David Bowie album Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. The project, entitled Ziggy Remixed is a full-on CD comp, including cover art and the like. It features eleven tracks, some that are simply remixes, and others that are mashups. Most notably, it features mashups with MGMT, Bob Marley, The Supremes, The Beatles, and Deep Purple.

While not every track is to our fancy (remixes are a difficult balance), we have to say that the disc is entirely a worth listen. The DJ's manage to do a fantastic number with the remixes, giving new character to Bowie's material, and generally making the whole deal feel natural, which is really the idea, no?

While we did find out about all this through Bowie's official website, that still doesn't guarantee how long the disc will be up, and for free. We recommend you head over and snag the tracks ASAP - it'll make your Friday just that much more awesome!

mp3: Stardust Kids - A Plus D (Bowie vs. MGMT)
mp3: Ziggy Remixed - Full album download site


A plus D said...

Stardust Kids now has a video! Check it out on youtube here:
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