Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Band Of Horses Lines Up California Shows Including Fox Theater, Presale Tomorrow

Seattleites Band Of Horses have been off the radar a tad since 2007's Cease To Begin (apparently recording a new record down in Muscle Shoals, AL), but now it appears as though they're lining up to get the ball rolling again. The band has booked two California dates for April, one at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, and one at the newly renovated Fox Theater in Oakland.

To be frank, after seeing the Fox's opening lineup, we were a tad worried that it was going to exclusively host reggae and jam bands (not that that's a bad thing). However, it seems that they're getting on top of the good old fashioned rock and roll. We definitely approve.

We're not really which show to recommend to you here: we're amped to see the newly renovated Fox, but at the same time we're always psyched for the Catalyst's small club vibe. Regardless of which you decide on, you'll need to get tickets. The Catalyst show isn't listed for sale yet, but the Fox Theater show will be having a presale tomorrow morning at 10 AM. You can get in on that action by clicking here. The password is "fox". Good luck!

Band Of Horses, Spring Dates:
April 15, 2009 Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
April 17, 2009 Fox Theater, Oakland, CA


Benjo said...

Thanks for the heads up - ever since I read this story about their singer flipping off an audience member, I've felt like they're probably the type of band worthy of very little financial support. Then again, their music is pretty good. So, decisions lie ahead.

Chris Berry said...

Yeah ...and they are pretty boring live...and the sound at the Cat is bad...All those guitars and no guitar heroes? What's up with that? Nice wall of sound when I first heard them though...but go see MMJ if you want the real deal.