Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Vetiver Track Surfaces - Yum

We already mentioned Vetiver's migration to Sub Pop, and we have to say, we've been really looking forward to hearing some new material from the band. Last year's covers record was just fine, but the things these guys do on their own is, well, we really really like it.

Thankfully, details of the band's latest, Tight Knit, are starting to trickle out, and it's looking all good. First, there's the cover art (see above). Second, there's a pre-order from Sub Pop that offers up a complete stream of the record. And third, Stereogum has just put forth a preview mp3 from the record entitled "Everyday".

Listening to the track, we have to say, we're more than a little stoked to have Vetiver back delivering their own tunes. The song's lilting forward motion is integral to the band's classic sound, and the mellow vibe should make for a perfect springtime soundtrack. Stoked.

mp3: Vetiver - Everyday