Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dear Diary: Ryan Adams Attempts To Reduce Drama By Inducing It

Picture from the HAD Archive

Oh, Ryan Adams, how we love thee. Amazing music, outlandish behavior, and boyish good looks. Is there anything more to be desired in a rockstar?

In this, the latest entry in the Ryan-Adams-loves-but-hates-the-internet-and-blogging-and-music drama journal, Mr. Adams claims to be retiring from music (and blogging!) in attempt to reduce drama and enjoy his life. To be, fair, it really seems like an earnest post, and it appears that Mr. Adams simply has a lot of shit to work through (Not to mention some apparently serious hearing loss issues. Ick.)

Ry, we feel you man: drama's never a good thing. But giving up music? Come on, don't leave us hanging like that - you can enjoy life and make records, no?

Stereogum has the full text of the post.