Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brighten The Corners Deluxe Package Delayed, New Malkmus Vid Attempts To Compensate

Well, I guess we'll have to eat crow in terms of our recommendation of the Deluxe Buy Early Get Now version of Brighten The Corners: Due to "delays at the vinyl record plant" (um, perhaps due to $205 vinyl box sets?), the deluxe version has been delayed for release until December 9th. Of course, you still get your stream, and b-sides, and download codes. Nonetheless, it would have been nice to get that nice warm physical media all the sooner.

In an effort to keep your sad eyes smiling, we at HAD dug up the latest Stephen Malkmus vid ( via Stereogum), which is basically a tribute to Portland being indie-rock central. that, and the wonderful world of construction paper cut outs. It's not going to blow your mind or anything, but at least it'll distract you from that absent Pavement vinyl...