Friday, October 24, 2008

Even More EELS: Soundtrack To Parallel Worlds

After we hit you with a deluge of EELS news the other day, you may have noticed that a commenter mentioned the PBS Nova episode on Mark Oliver Everett and his father, who was a scientist of some renown. The episode, entitled Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives, is a focus on E's quest to find and better understand his father via his scientific theories.

We haven't seen the episode yet, but apparently the soundtrack is all new EELS material. What's even better, you don't have to sit around and record an audio feed off the television, because you can download the soundtrack from itunes! If you want to watch the actual program, this week only you can watch it on-line. If that's not working for you, you can order the DVD from PBS, or watch the encore presentation this Saturday at 10 PM on KQED's "Life" HD Channel - that's channel 54.3 over-the-air, kids. We don't do cable.