Wednesday, October 22, 2008

iLike To Hear The New Ryan Adams: Cardinology Goes Streamtastic

Well, earlier today we got notice that our Cardinology vinyl had shipped, and figured we'd be listening to the record in just a day or two. The internet being what it is, turns out we had to wait about two hours: the band started streaming the full album via iLike this afternoon. There's no need to login or anything, and well, we likey.

This disc sounds significantly more consistent than Easy Tiger, and there's a degree less sweetness in the production values, which is definitely a good thing. "Magick" lives up to it's live version in terms of delivering a solid dose of rock, and even the most chill tunes manage to have a bit of an edge to them. "Crossed Out Name" picks up where the B-Side "Twice As Bad As Love" left off, and "Stop" holds strong to Adams' sometimes-tradition of wrapping up with a killer piano ballad. "Fix It" had us a bit concerned that we'd be complacent on this record, but we're really enjoying this. It's good, people. Very good.

Stream: Ryan Adams And The Cardinals - Cardinology