Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Merge Box Set Promises To Be Goody-licious

Merge Records is one of our faves: the label consistently delivers killer artists in a wide range of genres. The label has an artist roster that is near legendary in today's indie scene: Spoon, M. Ward, The Arcade Fire, and Neutral Milk Hotel, to name a few. Well, the notable label has now taken it upon themselves to release a box set in honor of their first twenty years. Why they're doing it now when it's their 26th year (the first record came out in 1992), we're not totally clear. But after reading the description, we're pretty psyched for it!

Score! Merge Records: The First 20 Years is a subscription based boxset that promises a wide range of goodies: 14 discs of exclusive Merge-centric compilations, a disc of Merge covers by non-Merge artists, and a disc of remixes of Merge material. The compilations will apparently be curated by a variety of artistically minded individuals (David Byrne, Miranda July, Jonathan Lethem, Peter Buck, the list goes on...), and feature exclusive artwork. The whole deal goes for $179 if you buy in advance, and it all goes to charity. We're not usually inclined towards compilations of this sort, but given the label they're coming from, we're thinking this one might be worth the plunge.

More details and purchase available at Merge Records.