Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crooked Fingers: New Album, Coming to GAMH; Port O'Brien Opening

Sorry to go all nudie on you, but it's art, folks. Look alive!

Crooked Fingers will be playing The Great American on November 11th, and local faves Port O'Brien will be there to open for them. For those not familiar, Crooked Fingers is the band created by Eric Bachman following the breakup of Archers Of Loaf. Initially it seemed to be his solo alias, but he's since released solo records as well. Crooked Fingers, on the other hand, has transformed into a "real" band. On a personal note, the first time we saw Spoon was as an opener for Crooked Fingers in 2002. We thinks this bodes well for Port O'Brien.

Crooked Fingers have a new record, Forfeit/Fortune,out October 7th on Constant Artists Inc. Records. This is a departure from Merge Records, where Bachmann had released the last few Crooked Fingers discs. Typically, the band's sound is distinctly simpler and more folky than his Archers output. Yet from the sound of things, this go around will feature arrangements with a bit more kick. Bachmann's gritty, low key vocals are in tact, but the instrumentation and pace seem to be headed in a new direction. Check it out for yourself below.

Tickets are on-sale now.

Stream: Crooked Fingers - Phony Revolutions