Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TV On The Radio: New Album, Treasure Island, Warfield

It's been a while since we'd heard from Brooklyn's TV On The Radio, so we were psyched to read all about their new record in this feature from the New York Times. It appears that the band has been in full swing recording their new record Dear Science, and is all set for it to drop on September 23rd. (Apparently it leaked on Saturday, but that's a different story alltogether). The band has voiced that the record is a continuation of their experiments in sound and composition, and is intended to be consumed as an album. The article has its high points (Dave Sitek champions Thriller and Purple Rain) and it's low points (Kyp Malone states "“I’m done with cool, I’ve been done with cool for years." Wow.), but overall it seems as though the band is primed and ready with a record that stands to rival their last (fantastic) disc Return To Cookie Mountain.

As such, they'll be on an aggressive tour schedule this fall, which includes a headlining appearance at the Treasure Island Festival next weekend, followed by a (still unnofficial) appearance at The Warfield on November 9th. By all accounts, this band is fantastic in a live setting. What's more, if you dig around a bit for some album tracks, we think that you'll agree that this one deserves a serious percentage of your listening attention for the Fall.

mp3: TV On The Radio - Dancing Choose (YouSendIt, Click Through)