Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(Sorta) New Music: Black Kids

We here at H.A.D. have been digging on Black Kids' free EP for the last week or two, which until recently you could get for free at their website. Apparently the hype for this Florida band has reached that fever pitch where "free download" becomes "buy the single". We're a little skeptical of such maneuvers (we're looking at you too, Vampire Weekend), but all good bands must be signed by record companies, and so out the door go the free mp3s.

That being said, Black Kids are indeed a good band. The 4 track EP Wizard Of Ahhs is an awesome dose of psuedo-new-wave dance music, with immediately brings to mind The Cure. Well, at least if Robert Smith weren't completely miserable and whiny all the time, which is kind of impossible. That's what we like about Black Kids, though: they manage to capture a fair bit of passion and angst, while at the same time keeping the fun and danceability at a maximum. Crank the volume, and enjoy yourself some pop musics.

Black Kids are playing Coachella on April 25th, and then coming up to SF for a date at Mezzanine on the 26th. Seeing as how we're not big Dark Side Of The Moon fans, we'll be catching them here, thanks.

mp3: Hit The Heartbreaks
Black Kids MySpace Page