Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Evangelicals Coming To San Francisco

If you're anything like us here at H.A.D., you harbor a bit of cynicism about the 'fork, but you still keep an eye on it. Frankly, despite their despotic power in the indie world, those guys have a gift for seeking out some good tunes. As such, you (and we) probably noticed the review of Evangelicals a few weeks back. Following the review, we picked up the record and have been enjoying it thoroughly. To our ears it's less Queen, and more Flaming Lips. Either way, the fact remains that The Evening Descends is a great piece of experimental sonic edginess, that at the same time pulls you in with some gripping melodies.

Now, here's the especially good news: Evangelicals are touring, and will be in San Francisco on March 21st at the exceptionally small (and usually local) Hemlock Tavern. This a great chance to see an awesome band in a tiny room. But, ah, judging by the record: bring your earplugs. That place is gonna get loud.

mp3: Evangelicals - Skeleton Man (YouSendIt Link, Click Through)