Friday, February 22, 2008

"Outside Lands" Adds SF Into The "Big Festival" Fray

So, word has come down the wire that there will be a festival in Golden Gate Park this summer from August 22-24, and it will be called the "Outside Lands" festival. A few thoughts on the subject:

- We're really starting to feel like festivals have jumped the shark. They're everywhere, they're a pain in the ass logistically, and unless you really want to jockey for position, it's a pretty unsatisfying viewing experience.

- We're very much hoping that this does not mean there's not going to be a Treasure Island Festival. Last year's was so awesome, we'd hate to see it overturned by this gigantasaurus.

- Radiohead and Tom Petty are headlining, so yes, against our better judgement, we'll probably be there.

- Jack Johnson is headlining this festival too. Really? Is he this popular? We thought his hype had ended with "Bubble Toes".

Anyway, we're sure news will continue to trickle out, so we'll keep you duly informed, despite our skepticism.