Thursday, November 15, 2007

Must See Movie: Control

Last Sunday night, we here at H.A.D. ducked into the late night showing of Control over at the Clay Theatre, and boy are we glad we did! For those not in the know, the film is a biographical piece about Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division. It tracks the rise of the band, and Curtis' ultimate demise. The film is shot all in black and white, and directed by noted rock photographer Anton Corbijn.

The photography is certainly one of the film's strong suits: the stark black and white imagery is utterly appropriate for the film's location and circumstances. Morevover, a killer performance by Sam Riley as Ian Curtis really kicks the emotional component up a notch. The viewer is completely in tune with Curtis' plight, and the reasons for his distress.

Perhaps the most welcome aspect of the film was it's ability to increase the meaning of Joy Division's troubled melancholy. We here at H.A.D. had never really caught the Joy Division bug, but after seeing the film, it became clear that Curtis' lyrics are more than just a self indulgent mope fest. We've been listening all week, and digging every moment.

Control is still at the Clay Theater this week. Get there.