Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Don't Forget Me: The Walkmen Play The Independent

Let there be no doubt that The Walkmen have a new record in the can. Last night at the Independent the band chose sparingly from their back catalog, and instead treated the crowd to a slew of new tracks. What did come from the back catalog was by no means a selection of "hits" - "The Rat" and "We've Been Had" were both notably absent from the set. However, the crowd was treated to awesome renditions of "Louisiana", "Good For You's Good For Me", "Thinking Of A Dream I Had" and "No Christmas While I'm Talking", to name a few. The band closed with an amazing rendition of "Wake Up".

The emphasis on new material was not a case for disappointment: the new songs are aggressive, tight, and full of the heart-on-sleeve vocals that have given Hamilton Leithauser much of his noteriety. Standouts from where we were sitting were "Blue Root" and "I Lost You" (see the video below), while others included "Around And Around", another tune left untitled (see video below).

All in all the show was a rousing reminder of what makes The Walkmen so great: uncompromising musicianship, unbridled enthusiasm, and an ability to make sheer walls of sonic imagery. To all who were in attendance, it was an affirmation for the faithful. For those who weren't in attendance: you missed the boat. See you next time.

HAD Exclusive Video: I Lost You

HAD Exclusive Video: Untitled New Song

Many more photos at the H.A.D. flickr feed.


Rob Simons said...

It was indeed a magical show. Only wished they had played longer.

Thanks for the cool videos/photos.