Friday, November 16, 2007

A Testament To Greatness: Ryan Adams At The Catalyst

Back in July, before we at H.A.D. had even gotten this little blog started, we caught Ryan Adams and The Cardinals down at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. The band was playing two shows in the Bay Area, but we took the gamble that those shows (with assigned seating) had a good chance of being "Blue Cave", while the Santa Cruz (GA in a small club) had a much better chance of being "Red Cave". For those not in the know, Ryan Adams has been designating his recent shows as Blue Cave (sit down, quiet acoustic) and Red Cave (noisy, stand up, rock and roll).

Well, the bet paid off in full. The man wore plaid pants, and Adams and crew doled out a massive three hour set that traverses the range of most of their recent material. There's rocked out versions of "I See Monsters" and "Bartering Lines", some great unreleased tunes ("Trouble On Wheels", "Arkham Asylum"), and perhaps the highlight for us here at H.A.D.: A fuzzed out rock version of "I Taught Myself To Grow Old". Needless to say, it brought the house down.

So here, for your listening pleasure, hosted courtesy of, is a soundboard recording of that very show. These are the mp3s. You can get it in lossless flac compression here. Enjoy. Happy Friday.

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, California

Disc 1 (76:15)
Set 1
1. What Sin
2. Please Don't Let Me Go
3. Dear Chicago
4. Goodnight Rose
5. Cold Roses
6. Mockingbird >
7. Beautiful Sorta
8. Bartering Lines
9. Magnolia Mountain

Set 2
10. Pearls On A String
11. Peaceful Valley
12. Trouble On Wheels
13. Arkham Asylum

Disc 2 (69:12)
14. I See Monsters
15. Games
16. A Kiss Before I Go
17. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc
18. Dear John
19. The End
20. Blue Hotel
21. Wild Flowers
22. Band Introductions
23. Let It Ride
24. Easy Plateau >
25. I Taught Myself How To Grow Old


Dan said...

I was at this fabulous show, thanks for the post!!!!

Andrea said...

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