Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Phoenix - "Entertainment"

Well, here it is. The first single from Bankrupt!."Entertainment" is a bombastic dose of classic Phoenix, with a solid dose of synth thievery from the vibe of Siouxsie's "Hong Kong Garden". Which isn't to say it's derivative, or that it's anything less than great. It's undeniably fantastic to hear the latest from these Frenchmen.

"Entertainment" picks up stylistically right where Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix left off, and demonstrates its skill as "Girlfriend"'s able bodied cousin. In short, it is a showcase for the band's intricate riffing and rock-solid songwriting, while Thomas Mars' vocals sail about it all. 

We'll stop gushing now, and just go listen to it on repeat. You should probably do the same — check it above.