Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stream The New Frightened Rabbit

We'll admit it: after our heavy-duty adoration of Frightened Rabbit's second record, The Midnight Organ Fight, we were a bit let down by the band's third effort, The Winter Of Mixed Drinks. Not that there was anything "wrong" with it per se, but it just simply didn't have the passion or balls-to-the-walls aplomb that we had grown to love. Instead, it felt more like a go-through-the-motions effort that rehashed the most obvious parts of the band's sound.

As such, it was with great hesitation that we sampled the band's new single "Woodpile" (video above) when it dropped last December. We need not have been worried. The track brings the band back to their awesome, impassioned vigor of old, and creates a haunting soundscape that culminates in a screeching guitar avalanche that encourages you to sing along at full volume

Fast forward to this week, and there's even more good news: the whole album is fantastic. Whatever steps they took to ensure this, they were the right ones. Pedestrian Verse drops in February, but it's streaming now over at the Guardian UK, and you should most certainly go have a listen. Everything about the record is on-point, and we couldn't be happier to have a new musical addiction

Stream: Frightened Rabbit — Pedestrian Verse