Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Van Morrison - "The Street Only Knew Your Name"

To note Van Morrison's greatness is almost a thankless exercise at this point.  The man has inspired so many, created so much great music, and been around so long, that he has left an indelible imprint on popular music forever.  His hits are so recognizable that they are in danger of being written off as simply relics of college freshmen everywhere.  And yet, somehow Morrison manages to maintain his stature.  His greatest work is simply so great that it is impossible to defile it with any amount of over-playing.  All of this makes it that much more rewarding when one discovers a gem amongst the rough of Morrison's lesser-played material.

Case in point:  "The Street Only Knew Your Name".  Culled from the sessions recorded in 1975, this recording is the original version of a song that would be re-recorded (and largely bastardized) by Morrison in the early 80's.  None of that changes the fact that this alternate take (now available on The Philosopher's Stone b-sides collection) ranks among Morrison's very best work. Full of his signature attitude and dripping with the Irish soul that made him famous, the track almost seems as though it would be at home on his much-revered greatest hits record.  Little more needs to be said.  Just sit back and listen to Van the man do what he does best:  Deliver.

mp3: Van Morrison - The Street Only Knew Your Name


Running to Music said...

Um...this is awesome. Kind of Cleaning Windows-esque...