Monday, October 10, 2011

The Features - "Content"

The Features are one of those bands who keep delivering killer records, and somehow, have yet to break into the mainstream.  Their unique blend of sixties rock psychedelica with modern rock sensibility is completely unique and distinctive.  What's more, it's damned, damned, catchy.

In that perception, at least we know we're not alone:  the band was hand picked by Kings Of Leon for their label imprint, and since then has delivered two records.  The second, which dropped this year, is called Wilderness, and features the single "Content" (below).

Ever-so-slightly darker than the bands' earlier material, the track is a gradually building pop song exploring the ins and outs of modern day living.  The tune is the lead track on the album, and is a great intro to what is, frankly a great record. It continues to adopt what has been the band's modus operandi all along:  carefully produced, fuzzed out, psychedelic rock.  In other words, very worth a listen.

mp3: The Features - Content