Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jason Forrest - "Raunchy"

Jason Forrest had fallen off of our radar over the past couple of years. Not for any particular reason, but fallen off nonetheless. Maybe it's the fact that we had never caught his live set, or maybe it's just that we had felt a bit weighed down by the DJ/dance scene. Regardless of the reason, our interest was peaked when we heard Forrest had a new record entitled The Everything on the way, and that there was a track out there to be had.

"Raunchy" clocks in at about 4 minutes, and every moment of it is fantastic. In his trademark style, Forrest has juxtaposed samples with killer beats and woven it all together to yield a mix that is at once chaotic and straight ahead, with an even dose of edginess and pop sensibility. With hints of 50's surf music, and visceral keyboards and guitars ricocheting through the track, "Raunchy" is enough to get us to give Forrest's latest a good solid listen.

The Everything is available now.

mp3: Jason Forrest - Raunchy