Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TV On The Radio's Nine Types Of Light Due On 4/12

TV On The Radio @ Outside Lands 2009, from the HAD Archive. Photo By Rick Audet.

Yeah, sure, we know you've already heard the word, but just in case, we had to mention: TV On The Radio have a new record dropping on April 12th, and it's going to be awesome. Entitled Nine Types Of Light, it's their first since 2008's Dear Science. How awesome is it going to be? Well, if the two tracks the band has already released are any indicator, then very, very awesome.

The first, "Will Do", is a pretty chilled out affair, with a sweet melody overlaid on some nice, screeching guitar textures. It definitely plays on TVOTR's sonic hallmarks, and while it's not breaking any barriers, it's pretty damn sweet.

The second, "Caffeinated Consciousness" is a bit more of a departure for the band, and leverages a sound that during the verse is almost reminiscent of a nice taste of Faith No More. Hearing the band rock out is a treat, and we're hungry for more.

What can we say, we were expecting killer tracks, and the band delivered. Check it for yourself below!