Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Strokes Drop New Video, B-Side

Yesterday saw the release of the "Under Cover Of Darkness" physical single from The Strokes, and along with it came some nice goodies. First off, the video for the track has been released, and it's fab. What can we say? We're giddy to see the band back in one room together and delivering rock and roll cool as only they can. It doesn't hurt that the track is completely awesome as well. Just make sure you set it to 1080p - it makes a difference.

On top of the vid, the band also released a b-side with the physical single, and it's quite a divergence. "You're So Right" is less of a throwback to the band's early days, and sounds more along the lines of the tracks that Julian Casablancas dropped for his solo record. That being said, the band doesn't let Julian steal the show, and the guitar and rhythm interplay is unquestionably all Strokes. Grab the track below.

mp3: The Strokes - You're So Right