Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spoon Drops Another Demo Of "Is Love Forever?", This Time As Reggae

Spoon at Music Hall Of Williamsburg, from the HAD Archive

You may recall that last month we brought up Spoon's demo for "Is Love Forever?" that the band was giving away for free on their website. You may also have noticed that the mp3 conspicuously labeled it "version 2" of the demo. Well, guess what? Version 1 has been put out for the world to hear.

Given how straight-ahead the last version was, this one came as quite a surprise: we really wouldn't have pinned the first demo as being a dubbed-out reggae jam that would sound right at home on Sandanista!. Nonetheless, we gotta say: we love it. As things progress, and Britt Daniel stretches his legs on his dub fetish bit by bit, we start to realize that it's one of the crucial parts that makes this band so great. Enjoy.