Friday, January 28, 2011

Suuns Played Shea Stadium - Pictures, Review

Wednesday night we braved the elements and made our way to Shea Stadium's new location to see Suuns at one of their three New York headline dates. It was snowy, it was hell getting there, and it was nuts getting home, but it was worth it. We had seen Suuns before in an opening slot, but as headliners, it's a whole other ballgame. The band was blistering with energy, and their rapidfire set was everything we could hope for as fans of their record.

Before Suuns hit the stage, Dinowalrus delivered a set that was (at least according to the band) "all new material". Whether it was all new or not, we will say this: the three-piece delivered a fierce set of psychedelic rock that definitely held its own. Not only was the band technically on point, but the tunes were rock solid, and the sheer amount of sound created by the trio was astounding.

Suuns followed soon thereafter with a set that focused heavily on their debut record Zeroes QC. Despite having seen the band before, we have to say that this was by far the best taste of Suuns we've had to date. Maybe it was being in a headlining slot, maybe it was the venue. Whatever the case, we can assure you that Suuns truly deliver live.

Every tune was more amped up than the one prior, and the guitar freakouts seemed to have endless capacity for sonic energy. More than anything, the band's droney, heavy duty beats and synth lines had an added level of dynamics that made the studio versions seem sterile by comparison. In short, the band has been successful in converting their fantastic studio sound in to an even better live experience.

Interestingly, the set was quite short, and featured no encore despite a stoked audience. Apparently Suuns are of the "quality not quantity" school, and we're inclined to agree. Not only did the quick set leave us wanting more, but it also allowed for song delivery that was aggressive and unrelenting, with no lulls or moments of dead air.

Maybe it's cliche to close with a report of "see these guys in a small room while you still can", but it's the truth. Suuns are offering a brand of unique rock and roll, with an amazing energy. It's a telling sign that they managed to get a room full of people out to Brooklyn in the middle of a blizzard, and we're guessing when it's beautiful out, they'll be able to get a whole lot more.

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