Monday, January 31, 2011

Spoon Delivers Awesomeness To Blogotheque

It's no secret that we love us some Spoon around these parts, so when we discovered that the band had visited the awesome folks at Blogotheque and delivered takes on three of their awesome tunes, we were more than a little stoked. By more than a little, of course, we mean completely, because these tracks are totally killer.

The set included "The Ghost Of You Lingers", "Black Like Me", and "Got Nuffin", and all three manage to be wonderfully awesome alternate takes that feel like they have just the right mix of live vibe, a ridiculously tight band, and subtly different instrumentation. In short, just what you want to hear from a band who is between records when you're aching for some new tunes.

We've snagged the media for "The Ghost Of You Lingers" (a constant fave) for you right here. As soon as you've given that a listen, head to Blogotheque where they've been kind enough to not only post awesome videos of the performance, but mp3s as well. Killer.