Friday, November 19, 2010

Video: Ok Go - "This Too Shall Pass", Live At T5

We've espoused the awesomeness of Ok Go's live show on many an occasion, but for any of you doubters out there, we think we may have dug up a little video that may edge you closer to the converts. We took the video above at the band's recent Terminal 5 performance, as they closed the show with "This Too Shall Pass". Not only is it a fantastic rock video, period, but we think it captures the awesomeness, humor, and excitement of Ok Go's live show to T. Check it out and see what you think.


claudia said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting. I was much farther back and it's great to see this so close up. Thanks!!

metrognome57 said...

WOW! This is so AWESOME since we saw OK Go in Boulder, CO, 1st stop of the tour for which, I'm supposing this is the last performance, in NYC?

In the intimate Fox Theatre the band and their tech ninjas tested the confetti canons, lighted, lettered coats, illuminated instruments, and other features you see here. But I hadn't yet seen Damien body surf a crowd! WOOW!! Slightly jealous that I wasn't there, but more appreciative of the videographer/editor(s), band, bandies, fans, and the media, the last of which seems finally to notice and acknowledge that OK Go is an ""A band.